038: Don't trade with emotions



Financial Movers Podcast #38



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Today’s Agenda:

  1. Review of last week’s calls and where I ended them

  2. Trader psychology 

  3. What to watch going forward

1. How did my swing trades play out:

- I also sold my Kimberly Clark (KMB) at $156.89 and I gave it on twitter on July 22 at $144.60     +8.4% (3 week swing)

  • I talked about Bank of America (BAC) for weeks and even did an entire podcast episode about them in July (#32, #27). I entered on July 24 at $24.69 and closed on Tuesday at $27.28 +10.4% (3 week swing)

  • Between those 7 trades I averaged a return of   +4.91%

  • I was happy on Tuesday.

2. Trader Psychology:

  • Traders shouldn’t have emotions (not possible), but we can suppress them as best as possible

  • Losing can make you a worse trader -- REVENGE TRADE

  • Winning can make you a worse trader -- ENDORPHINE TRADE

  • Either way, you’re trading with emotion

  • Just like poker. Just like basketball. It's just like anything in life.

3. What I’m watching going forward: 

Buying the dip strategy (Episode #28

  • Fundamentally Strong company

  • Meets my trade strategy

  • Outperforming the overall market that day

I have two (ICE, AWK)

  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE):  Financial Sector (Investment Bank)

  • It owns marketplace exchanges for futures, commodities, and financials in the United States, Canada and Europe. 

  • Since 2010 they’ve done over a billion in revenue, and revenue has increased y/oy for the past 10 years

  • Since 2015, past five years, its captured over $1billion dollars in NI

  • Only had one negative year for Net income (2005, first year it was public)

  • When JPM reported earnings last month, it reported that Trading revenue surged 79% to a record $9.7 billion as bond and equities trading exceeded expectations. 

  • Where is that money going? THE EXCHANGES. People have been investing heavily since march. Who owns the exchanges? ICE!

This concludes episode #38

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