Apple (AAPL) Stock On Track To Hit All Time Highs

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Back in September Apple was able to make a new all time high at $137. Since then the stock has been trading in a symmetrical triangle by making lower highs and higher lows. While trading in the triangle the company announced a stint of good news. They announced that they're making their own in house M1 processors for Macs, shifting to their own modems which will cut Qualcomm out of their business, releasing AirPod Max headphones, and increasing iPhone production by 30%.

All of the good news has built up and now the stock has broke out of its symmetrical triangle and has resumed the uptrend that it started in April. With so much momentum behind the company investors are wondering if now is a good time to buy the stock, or if the move has already happened an it's too late. To buy or not to buy?

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Thank you to Austin Community College for the photo of Tim Cook