Best Dividend ETF for 2021

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Dividends! There's a lot of companies that offer high dividends to attract investors. Value stocks such as Coke, Pepsi, Kroger, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and many more, reward investors with high dividend yields. The idea is that investors will buy the company's stock and hold on to it for not only growth, but for solid dividend payouts too.

But sometimes companies aren't doing well and they raise their dividends only to attract investors. There after an investor gets lured in by the dividend but the stock price does nothing but drop. That's not a good deal for an investor and a dividend should never be the sole reason to invest into a company.

Also, just because a company pays a dividend doesn't mean that the company can't fail. By being invested into a stock an investor should always stay up to date with the company's news and earnings announcements. That can be a lot of work for an investor that doesn't trade and invest full time, so dividend ETFs were created. By investing into a dividend ETF an investor will reap the dividend reward and won't be required to monitor their position as much as they would if they were invested into an individual company. But which dividend ETF should an investor choose in 2021?

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