029: Stop chasing headlines and start using a watchlist


Financial Movers Podcast #029



  • Prediction was true from episode #028. Stocks rally better on NDX day

  • Tech pump before earnings #28

1. Market Leaders Weekly Gain/Loss: Pump and ready to dump

  • AAPL: +2.11% Earnings Date: Next Tuesday, July 28

  • AMZN: +7.93% Earnings Date: Thursday, July 23

  • TSLA: +9.43% Earnings Date: Wednesday, July 22

  • MSFT: +4.30% Earnings Date: Wednesday, July 22

  • GOOGL: +3.10% Earnings Date: Thursday, July 23

  • FB: +1.40% Earnings Date: Next Wednesday, July 29

Positioning for today’s gains: 

 - $187.78 when called on Friday

 - $195.09 (+6.60% from Thursday) (+3.89% from friday to today close)

- CSCO #27 (last Wed) $46.40

- Called again on Twitter at $45.50 Thursday

- Closed today $46.97 (+1.22% since Wed), (+3.23%)

Financial Movers Stock Watchlist: I talk about moving money. Not holding it

  • Stop wasting time searching for plays

  • Get a feeling for your play

  • Investing and trading are different

  • Know your sectors, what's hot, etc.

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