031: Is Intel a buy after beating earnings?


Financial Movers Podcast #31



Welcome to the Financial Movers Podcast. (today is, and this is episode # …. , and I’m speaking to you from ...) No matter if you’ve been listening to this podcast since episode 1, or this is your first time listening, OR you’re somewhere in the middle of those two, I promise you'll finish this podcast today with more knowledge than you started it with. 

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What’s on the agenda:

  1. Overview of market

  2. FOMO, been talking about it since episode #24 (7/8/20), look at the sale the market offered us today on big tech, specifically two big companies

  3. Intel, AMD, NVDA

  4. I made a BIG mistake. LEARN FROM ME

- Leading the market: Info Tech, Consumer Disc, Communication services

-Now, financials are coming on, health care is on fire, and energy looks like it could be getting near bottom.

2. FOMO: Market went on sale today: It pays to be patient. If something seems overvalued, it probably is

  • AAPL fell from ATH/Monthly high of $399.82 (07/13/20) to $356.58 (-10.8%), closing at $370.46

  • Last time it was at this price was June 30th, erased this entire months of gains

  • Earnings next Thursday, July 30

  • MSFT very similar

  • Month/ATH (07/9/20) $216.38 fell to $197.51(-8.7%), closed at $201.30 

  • Already reported earnings Wed, no surprises/gambling

3. Semiconductors: Intel, Nvidia, AMD (extensive list in episode #22)

  • INTC had worst day since march sell off, one of worst days in 20 years

  • After reporting 20% y/oy growth from Q2 2019

  • Intel is delaying its 7-nanometer line of chips by at least six months because of a defect mode

  • May have to outsource to another company’s chip

  • Nanometers (nm), refers to the size of the transistors that go on a computer chip, smaller transistors are faster and more efficient in using power.

  • AMD, NVDA already have and are competitors

Sure, their newest chip is delayed, but does that really warrant the fourth worst stock sell-off for the company in 20 years? In 2019 they had 6x the revenue of Nvidia (NVDA) and 11x that of AMD

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