037: Don't gamble on earnings


Financial Movers Podcast #37



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Today’s Agenda:

  1. CTVA prime example how not to trade earnings

  2. Catch up on last week’s trades that I’m still in and how where I’m moving my stops up to

  3. New setups

1. How NOT to Trade Earnings:

2. Last Week’s Trades: TXN, LMT, CSCO: 

Texas Instruments (TXN)

- Now at $135.35

- Given last Monday on Twitter @financialmovers and on episode #34 at $129.35


Lockheed Martin (LMT)

  • Now at $388.50

  • Given last Monday on Twitter @financialmovers and on episode #34 at $377.10

  • +3.02%

  • I’m still targeting $390, but I expect a solid leg up to $400 if top $390

Philip Morris International (PM)

  • Now $78.37

  • Given last Friday on my Twitter @financialmovers and on episode #35 at $76.80

  • +2.0% since given

  • Targeting $79/$80, but steadily moving my stop up. You can't time perfect tops

  • Moved stop up to today's low of $77.26

3. New Setups I’m Watching This Week:

Amcor (AMCR) - Materials

  • Watching for price to stay above $10.80 while awaiting 20-day support

  • I’m wanting a small drop down on RSI, I don't want to buy high then sell high

  • I’d want to pick it up around $10.80 area and then ride it up to $11.50

  • Watch out for earnings on Tuesday, Aug 18

Duke Realty (DRE)

  • This is a Power Earnings Gap setup (PEG): I extensively covered PEG setups last Wed’s episode #35 if you want to go back and review to get a better understanding

  • Reported earnings on July 29 and gapped up +0.60% and then closed the day +4.6%, which is a strong close

  • Since then consolidated

  • Price is becoming more relevant on RSI

  • Waiting for solid 20-day support before making a move up

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