Invest with the best - choosing your brokerage

Since the stock market sell-off last month, many people are wanting to take advantage of stocks such as Apple (AAPL), Disney (DIS), and Carnival (CCL) while they're at a discounted rate. Of the 123 million households in the United States, only 17 million own a brokerage account where they can invest in the market.

A study conducted by NerdWallet found that 81% of Americans don't know how to open an online brokerage account.

Investing in financial markets is a proven strategy to build wealth, cushion retirements, and give investors an overall better quality of life.

Our mission at Financial Movers is to help everyone increase their wealth from investing. Opening up an online brokerage account is taking the first step in moving money in the right direction and achieving financial success.

Best online brokerage company

There is no best online brokerage company. This article covers five of today's most popular and prestigious brokerage companies for investors to open an account with. Each company requires a different amount of money to open an account and they'll have different fees. All five companies are terrific, but one will suit your financial needs more than the others.

Charles Schwab

One of the oldest brokerage companies on the list, Schwab (SCHW) was founded in 1975. It's a trusted company that manages $3 trillion in client assets and is always looking to manage more. The company offers almost every service possible such as stocks, futures, bonds, options, IRA's, and charitable accounts.

Schwab is regarded as having top-notch customer support, especially via phone. Their website is easy to use and has incredible market research tools. Schwab also sends out free market analysis updates to investors that highlight their key takeaways from all money markets.

  • Cost to open account: $1,000 to open an account, or set up automatic monthly deposits of at least $100.

  • Stock commission fee: $0

Yes, you read that correctly. Schwab has a $0 commission fee. That has almost become industry average as companies are competitively trying to get you to invest with them.


Known as one of the first online brokerages, E*TRADE (ETFC) has been around since 1982. They don't offer as many services as other brokerages, but if all you want is stocks, options, IRA's, bonds, mutuals, and futures, then they got you covered. Really, they have just about everything. Being one of the first online brokerages, they know the importance of users interacting with their platform on technology. E*TRADE arguably has the best desktop and mobile platforms for investors to use.

  • Cost to open account: $500 to open an basic trading account where you'll have easy access to trade stocks.

  • Stock commission fee: $0

When it comes to online trading, E*TRADE has years of experience and can cater to all their clients needs.


Serving over 30 million people, Fidelity (FNF) knows how to take care of their clients. The company is recognized for its invaluable market research and has numerous equity reports for their clients to utilize. Their platform is easy to use and has just as good of a mobile platform as E*TRADE. Fidelity offers just about every investing service you could want with market analysis. If a question ever arises, Fidelity boasts 24/7 customer support to help meet all client needs.

  • Cost to open account: $0

  • Stock commission fee: $0

Fidelity is a great place for all investors, especially for those who want to just get their feet wet and not deposit too much money.


Founded in 2013, Robinhood has become known as a young persons brokerage. It's less established than the others on the list, but it's had a quick rise in the money management world and raised 513 million in venture capital in 2013. Arguably the best mobile platform for investing is from Robinhood. Investors have limited trading options, so it offers less services than competitors, but it also proves to make for a more easy and user friendly experience while trading on mobile. Also, Robinhood makes trading cryptocurrency easy if you're interested in top cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or XRP.

  • Cost to open account: $0

  • Stock commission fee: $0

Robinhood is a good place for beginner investors to start investing and to learn the basics. They don't have near as much market research to offer as others on the list, but their ease of use is unbeatable.

TD Ameritrade

Not to say it's the best because everyone has different investment needs, but it probably is. TD Ameritrade (AMTD) boasts the largest collection of material for those learning how to invest and also has the most market research for investors to use. The company has its own TV network and magazine for clients to utilize along with ease of use platforms to trade (mobile and desktop). Customer service is fast, reliable and friendly, so there's never a worry if there's a problem.

  • Cost to open account: $0

  • Stock commission fee: $0

It's free to open an account. Zero commission fees. Offers more research and trading tools than its competitors. It's not hard to see why TD Ameritrade could be a good choice for investors.

Start investing today

Earning wealth has never been easier than it is today. Choose any of the brokerages on our list and it'll be hard to be disappointed. All of the companies make the sign up process quick and easy.

After an account is made it's imperative to do research before investing. Our site is consistently bringing readers market news, analysis, and strategies. Be sure to stay current with our articles before making crucial decisions.

Happy trading.

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