Stock Market Crash: Stocks To Buy On The Dip!

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Since March of 2020 the stock market has been on a massive run! Now, it's March 2021 and stocks are struggling to keep the run up. Many stocks are in consolidation, or trading far away from highs. The S&P 500 is (-4%) off from highs, the Nasdaq (-9%), and the famous ARKK (-24%).

As the averages continue to struggle there are many deals to be bought from individual stocks. Many tech names such as Apple (#AAPL) and Adobe (#ADBE) are (-15%) off from highs and dragging the overall market down. Investors should be buying dips and taking advantages of sales while prices are low! In this video I'm giving you 16 setups that I'm watching and my favorite stocks that I want to add to my portfolio.

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