The Best Investment For 2021


Investing is all about planning for the future so it's about time to start planning for 2021. Maybe you've been considering investing into index funds, mutuals funds, ETFs, or individual stocks. But do you know what, or which you'll invest in?

Many types of funds offer an average of 10% a year back on investments which is nothing when compared to individual stock performances from companies like Amazon, AMD, or Nike. Unfortunately, investing into individual companies carries more risk and can be a bit intimidating because it's difficult to understand what's speculation and what's company growth.

Going into 2021 you should consider combining the two. Investing into the overall stock market as if it's a fund but by buying individual stocks. I know this may be confusing, but I'm referring to the house. The stock market is a casino and you want to bet on the house! But who is the house of the stock market? Is it the banks, the brokerages, or the exchanges? Who is guaranteed to always win?

I did the research. You just have to listen.

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